Word to the wise…you’re gonna want this dip on everything! Yea,  imma put it out there right now that you will want to make a double batch of his right here. I  am really big on using foods in multiple ways so that meals aren’t boring and there’s less waste at the end of each week. … Continue Reading

Have you had that amazing connection with a perfectly ripe strawberry in summertime or that fresh snap of a crisp green bean when it’s at its peak? . . Eating in season isn’t just about throwing some food on a plate. It’s also a great opportunity to give our bodies a multitude of nutrients naturally. … Continue Reading

Today is National Egg Day and since making and developing Frittata recipes is one of my jams, I thought I would share some cool facts and helpful tips about this cost effective, go to protein that’s  oh so delicious,  especially with a sprinkle of  our I Am Len’s Kitchen Spice Blends.  5 Fun Egg Facts … Continue Reading

Oh, how Forbidden rice always makes me think of my ballet recitals from my childhood. From about ages 4-12 years old, ballet, tap, modern, and interpretive dance was my jimmy jam! Our dance instructor and her husband we’re stern but so loving with me and my elder sisters. In order to afford lessons for all … Continue Reading

Although @iamlenskitchen is plant-centric, meat does exist for us here, just not often. It’s what I call being “Flexitarian” where most meals are vegan or vegetarian but eat sustainable seafood, grass-fed meat, and pastured poultry. Meat is more of a side for us here with loads of veggies, heirloom grains, and fruits as our mainstays. … Continue Reading