Pantry Starter No. 2, Lemon Garlic, Shichi-ish, Dill Onion Herb Bundle
Pantry Starter No. 2, Lemon Garlic, Shichi-ish, Dill Onion Herb Bundle
Pantry Starter No. 2, Lemon Garlic, Shichi-ish, Dill Onion Herb Bundle

Pantry Starter No. 2, Lemon Garlic, Shichi-ish, Dill Onion Herb Bundle

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Truth is, you don't have to be in the kitchen all day. Especially when using our best seller spice trio. Our low sodium and/or salt free blends are made with your health in mind first and foremost.

These full flavor pantry staples are perfect in everyday cooking for all dietary lifestyles. Easily mix and match all three blends to take your dishes to the next level. 

  • Vegan
  • No GMO
  • No Gluten
  • Keto & Paleo Friendly
  • Organic
  • Hand Sourced
  • No Chemicals or Fillers
  • Great for all dietary lifestyles
  • Kosher (unless marked otherwise)

LEMON GARLIC IS OUR NEW SALT FREE FAV - Made with a zesty blend of spices that enlivens your foods. This well rounded flavorful blend is delicious for chicken, turkey, seafood, and vegetables. 

Our favorite suggested uses: Sprinkle on vegetables along with olive oil for next level roasted vegetables. Great for chicken wings.

Ingredients: Organic onion granules, organic garlic granules, organic & fair trade black pepper cracked, organic lemon peel granules, sea salt, and organic & fair trade cayenne powder.


DILL ONION + HERB LOW SALT - This is our next level dip blend and it’s perfect to pair with lemon spice blends. Originated from never wanted spices to be used be for one thing in the kitchen. You know, those ones you have right now that are sitting in the back of your pantry. Well, not with our blends.

This herbaceous low sodium blend holds up to that challenge, and is a flavorful delight that brings joy to your palate and love to your plate.

Our favorite suggested uses: We love this to season vegan "beef" or mushrooms for Greek lettuce tacos and add to plain vegan yogurt for dill sauce to drizzle on top.  Easy dip just by using 2 tablespoons of spice blend with 1 cup vegan sour cream with caramelized onions with chipped fresh dill or cilantro stirred in. 

And takes baby roasted potatoes to another level of goodness.  Make a rub by mixing with vegan butter to slather on tofu, tempeh, lamb, wild salmon or roasted chicken.  And as a ranch-style dressing, on pasta, baked sweet potatoes, green beans or popcorn.

Ingredients: Organic dill weed, organic oregano, organic parsley, organic thyme, organic onion, sea salt. 

Some of the best flavors comes from "Melting Pot" influences. Part of our  Global-ish salt free spice blend collection is homage of how cultural impact can bring the world to your very own kitchen table.     
Pronounced “She she” this limited edition salt free blend is a bold, zesty, spicy but quick heat faded flavor profile, with a citrus back-note stemming from tangerine zest in lieu of orange.  With the addition of nori (seaweed) and sesame seeds you truly get an authentic Asian cuisine taste. 

Our favorite suggested uses: 
Use for all (vegan) seafood type dishes such as tuna, shrimp, and for sushi, rice, stir-fry, wings, fries, popcorn, fish sticks

Ingredients: Garlic Powder, nori (Japanese seaweed), Tangerine Zest, Black Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Poppy Seed, and Black Sesame