Belle Marrón - Salt Free

Belle Marrón - Salt Free

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An almond based, full flavored, robust blend of sensual excitement with a rich spicy and creamy backdrop that will bring a dark and soothing depth to your dish. Made with the perfect blend of spices for a chocolate flavor that adds the warmth of cinnamon and low heat heat of ancho chile. 

  • Vegan
  • No GMO
  • No Gluten
  • Keto & Paleo Friendly
  • Organic
  • Hand Sourced
  • No Chemicals or Fillers
  • Great for all dietary lifestyles
  • Kosher (unless marked otherwise) 

Our favorite suggested use:  Try in flourless chocolate cake, whisk into warmed almond milk for hot chocolate, and mole. 

Ingredients: organic Cacao powder, demerara sugar, organic almonds, organic ancho chile powder, organic Ceylon cinnamon, organic allspice and organic cloves

Contains: nuts