Who Are Our Products For?
Busy women who want better health options, but truthfully don't really want to be in the kitchen all day.
What Makes Our Spice Blends Different?
In the works since 2013, originally using our I Am Len's Kitchen healthier SALT FREE spice blends in our cooking classes and small catering events to test and get authentic feedback, to officially launching in 2017, we intentionally offer spice blends that are salt free (almost all of our blends are no salt), low sodium, organic, gluten free, vegan, keto-friendly, paleo-friendly, no GMO, no added preservatives or fillers.
I Am Len's Kitchen spice blends supports every dietary lifestyle.
Many busy women are managing stress and health issues such as inflammatory dis-ease such as high blood pressure, diabetes, poor gut health, sleep deprivation, hormonal imbalances, immense sugar cravings, autoimmune issues and more.
Our spice blends are developed to support healthier pathways first and foremost. 
We provide blends in lieu of single spices so there's no guesswork for you and you even if you're a novice home cook, so you can get more flavor easily and not be in the kitchen all day. 
Why Ebooks Instead of Hardcover Books?
Ebooks will allow you to download your product via your email account just after purchasing.  There's no waiting and to better support your busy lifestyle, you can pull it up from you Smart phones while on the go as well.


Shipping Time and Available Carriers

We process and ship orders according to the following schedule (all times are based on Pacific Standard Time):

Orders placed by 11:59 AM PST will be processed, batched and ship 3-5 business days.

Orders placed between 6:00 PM PST Friday and 7:00 AM Monday morning begin being processed on Tuesday will ship 3-5 business days thereafter.