Hi, I'm Len Jefferson-Springer, I Am Len's Kitchen CFO (Chief Flavor Officer), Spicy Goddess, Restorative Eating Coach, Holistic Nutrition Health Coach, 30 minute or less recipe developer and busy life balance seeker. I’m passionate about the connection between nutrition and well-being, so the collaboration provides an overall holistic lifestyle support system for women. 

What if I showed you how to gain time?  What would happen if you had an extra hour each day just for you? That's what I'm offering."


At the end of the day, no matter how many people I coach or teach to cook for themselves, the biggest issue is the seemingly lack of time to give to themselves to cook in the first place. 

My approach to wellness is based on mindset pivoting coupled with simple solutions that saves you time so that it is doable for your personal lifestyle goals. 

My work has also allowed the wonderful opportunity for me to be the Restorative Eating Coach and holistic food wellness curriculum developer for Served Up Sober here in San Diego which is a non-profit organization for Women Of Color within the sober living community which provides support through holistic modalities.   

I Am Len's Kitchen is a continual expanding source of real food, plant-based recipes, cooking information, and food wellness lifestyle options.  My focus is to advocate for primary and secondary food movement, which is the combination of nourishment holistically and what's on your plate. 

And guess what, one plate or lifestyle does not fit all - bio individuality does.  

Here to guide and inspire you to explore new-to-you foods, cook, and prep with real food. 

I Am Len's Kitchen is here to provide you with simple nutritious meal tips that save time and simplify your life.  We all have varying truths when it comes to food but one truth we can all agree...

"We don't really want to be in the kitchen all day." 

Cheers to Love Made Edible,

Xo -Len.