Sharing My Gifts is my Ministry

For me I Am Len’s Kitchen and being a Holistic Restorative Eating coach is a whole-life movement toward making a defining pivot in how we care for ourselves as busy women.

It's not about perfectionism, but about a long-term lifestyle pivot so it's continual, just like your life's journey.

It's something you build upon over time. 

I make that pivot easily actionable for you by giving you the gift of time for yourself. 

It’s about using small focused fractions of time for sustainable lifestyle goals. 

It’s about taking more consistent action, it’s about knowing it ain’t gonna be easy, but your are worth your time. 

It’s about nourishment both on and off the plate.

It’s also about being gentle with ourselves while we’re pushing for personal goals of self love and care. 

I relate to how overwhelming it can be when life is coming at you at the speed of light, emotional stuff going on, and how in order to fit "it all" in, we tend to put ourselves at the end of a long list of daily things to do.

I get how by the time you get to the bottom of that list, you are so exhausted and overwhelmed that processed foods, relying solely on supplements without eating real food to support them, not eating all day, or picking food off your kids plate while you're doing the dishes, seems like the only option you have.

Then week by week your grocery budget is shot since it all went on drive-throughs for "fast food imposters" and those sugary drinks for "energy" all day that have left you depleted on all fronts, because it all appears to be a quick fix.

But nothing about you should be fast and easy. You’re too special for that.

I even relate to the fact that for some of us we have drifted from taking care of ourselves because of deeper underlying personal or chronic medical issues that got us here including past and current trauma.

We clean up nice for the world, but we are the walking wounded.

And let’s be real, healing takes work and effort.

Yet, those things only leaves you even less full of life and energy and you simply don't know how to make that shift even though you truly want to.

It’s what I needed for myself and there was no one to help me figure it out. 

So I started doing the work from the inside out and other women began asking me to help them as well.

Still doing the self work. I am always going to be a work in progress  

The vehicles I will use to continue to share my gifts with the world is teaching/facilitating, healing, and speaking. 

All based on the fact that the truth is that you don’t have to be in the kitchen all day.

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