How Ya Winning?

You ever get what you want and still not satisfied?

I had a conversation with someone recently and for what I felt was a celebratory happening, it seemed like the joy of it all was completely missed by her.

It got me thinking of how I’ve been in those places myself before. Where it’s a “WIN” in my life, but I’m stuck in a mode of all of what something coulda, shoulda been or even feeling like it’s not a big enough thing to celebrate.

I’ve stepped away from that way of thinking and being. It took me a while to realize that it was connected to my own brokenness in many ways. So I kept and keep doing my self work. Don’t get it twisted, all coaches need coaches.

Celebrating 🥳 is a form of gratitude. I choose to vibrate higher for myself. So celebration of self has become my way of being my own cheerleader. I tell myself how proud I am of myself. When I wake and see the sunrise, I feel like it did it just for me and I’m so excited.

Even for the small wins like being consistent with my workouts again (thx @lbcharlesfit @makeitfunnyc)

Reading books and having deep conversation that allows me to pivot when I’m going through personal challenges (thx @iamsharihampton)

Laughing until tears are running down my face because my inner pain has been replaced with outworldly joy and peace (thx bestie Denise, @lspring3 @shutterupmom @gavinluxe @va_loveit @scaryyykerrie @akanamanas @lotusfloweresthetics)

Accepting that I got a wingman that is here for all of my wild dreams for I Am Len’s Kitchen (thx @1withmiles 💕)

Someone else said something the other day and it’s become my newest mantra “Thank God For Me!”

Let’s not forget the things you have now is what you once prayed for.

How ya winning? Let’s celebrate you!


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