Holiday Cran-Jam by Taylor J. Miller

This recipe was created by one of my loves, my niece, Taylor J. Miller and uses all the things we love around here. Handful of simple and fresh ingredients, quick and easy to prepare, and our salt free spice blends to bring all the flavorful goodness together in under 30 minutes. All I did was change the type of butter because y’all know we’re Miyokoscreamery vegan butter lifers.

Mix salted @miyokos butter and brown cane sugar in a sauce pan on medium heat until the sugar dissolves, add fresh cranberries and cook until it softens, mash the cranberries down while adding more butter and sugar, lower the heat and keep mixing everything together until the texture thickens, add Pumpkin + Cardamom spice, mix together and voila!

This is so great to pour on top of @miyokos vegan cream cheese and serve with crackers, on top of orange flavored vegan cheesecake, and on top of pancakes.  

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