Carb Light Cauliflower Potato Salad (no potatoes included)

What about a carb light traditional potato salad recipe spiced right and cauliflower in place of potatoes? This easy dish comes together in under 20 minutes, is perfect for the next family cookout, but in the healthier side of life so it’s easy to have weeknights as well.


1/2 of head of cauliflower, cut into bite sized pieces

Len’s Kitchen Marions Smokey Paprika salt free spice blend 

Len’s Kitchen Garlic Pepper Herb salt free spice blend 

1 Tablespoon dill pickle relish 

1/4 teaspoon yellow mustard 

2 teaspoons mayonnaise 

1 stalk celery chopped small 

1/4 piece red onion, chopped small 

handful parsley, chopped small 

*boiled egg chopped (optional) 


1. Place about 1/4 cup water in pot. Add cauliflower and add a lid. Let steam 7-8 minutes. Don’t overcook otherwise cauliflower will be mushy. 

2. Add cauliflower and all other ingredients to a medium-large bowl so you can gently stir everything together. 

3. Give it a quick taste and adjust seasoning accordingly. You may find like me, Mayo gives enough salt to the dish, if not, add just a smidge of sea salt. 

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