Restoration - A Makeover Is Not a Game Changer

After not blogging for years, I kept thinking what magical, profound thing I could share with you that would be the most spectacular first blog post in the history of blogging. Well, all of that self-imposed pressure got me staring at a blank page for months on end. And guess what? Time did not wait for me. How rude, right?!

I began thinking about some of what led me to why I do what I do and why it's important for me to help other busy women not just make changes for a makeover, but instead create opportunities of restoring whole-life well being. I will give you a little back story about me so you know where I'm coming from.

Listen, just like you I am busy. Sometimes I make my to-do list so long that it creates a didn't-happen list by the end of the day.  I came into this world with lots of boundless energy, loved being active, and outside of chronic migraines and some allergies, was a pretty well adjusted child. As time progressed I had various hormonal and female reproductive issues that led me down a long road of unceasing pain, surgeries, and childless mother, all before the age of 30. I still refused to let much slow me down. 

Then add in the other ebbs and flows of life stuff like school, work, building a career, relationships, losing loved ones and my plate always felt overwhelmingly full.  But I thought this was normal. I definitely didn't complain or slowed down, because who does that right? I'm supposed to be a superwoman, right?

But life and priorities pivoted in such a way, that my daily self loving practices became nearly non existent.

The kicker is, that I never even saw how I had fallen out of love for myself in that way. I also knew that as I have aged, that it did not mean that I was resigned to doing less and less for myself. 

But where do I begin...

At one point I was having migraines every week and in and out of the urgent care for injections to cope with nausea and pain for them. My body was achy all of the time and I felt like I couldn't catch my breath.

I talked to a few people and was told this was normal life stuff with a side helping of anxiety and panic attacks. My brain would be foggy and I simply felt like I was the walking wounded. But I showed up ready and excited for each day, so on the outside no one could tell. Heck for a long time, I had even fooled myself.   Like I was living the dream and if this is what being successful was, then giving up everything else that had meaning for me, this was the price I had to pay.

Or was it...

In that instant one day, I knew that there has to be a better way. My zest for life was in hiding and I was losing joy by the second. That fulfillment of life and restoring self love and care meant more to me than baubles and titles. More time with loved ones where I was fully present always gave me unspeakable joy. Deep down I knew I was worth fighting for myself and more importantly, that no one could do the work for me nor was there a magic thing that would make the journey less challenging at times.  And above all else, I loved me some me and I missed how I felt when I showed up for myself in that way.

How would I get my mindset all the way together and fit my life both on and off the plate back on course when I still don't have a lot of time?

I began doing the one thing I didn't think I could do and get everything done. I began putting myself at the top of my list.  Then I did one small pivot of making simple and easy meals for myself and that would nourish my inside. Prioritizing my daily practices somehow made room for all of the other stuff.

Then the hustle flows...

Speaking life to myself and then living out those messages isn't a quick fix. But it is the most important part of the pivot. The commitment of self took a different type of time and effort.  I had to keep battling with the comfortability of the routine doing the things that was making my life unhealthy.

I realized as stated by T.S. Eliot that "every moment is a fresh beginning."

  • It's about creating a lifestyle that focuses on what you "get" to do versus what you "have" to do. Giving myself permission was key. 
  • It's about celebrating your small and big wins yourself unapologetically because no one can validate you in a way that you can on your own.
  • It's about making a clear choice for yourself knowing that there is no rush when it's based on lifestyle goals. Unlearning and doing a new thing takes time.
  • It's about the community of like hearted women so you never feel like you're traveling solo. And sometimes we need to just get some ish out on the table in order to move on. 

I'm passionate about helping other busy women like you begin a meaningful wellness journey  and restorative eating lifestyle because I know exactly where you're coming from. Where your "right now" is your current normal and doesn't require you to feel like you have to be one in the crowd. We're all too special to operate from that place of lack. 

It's about making love edible for yourself everyday that you can do in 30 minutes or less (both on and off the plate of life) because a makeover is not a game changer, restoration is where your magic shows up for you. 

I look forward to us taking this journey together. There will be recipes, quotes, wellness information, cooking and lifestyle tips.

Cheers to love made edible💛

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